Tipping in India

  •  02 Jul 2018      

Tipping or Baksheesh is any part of the world can be a tricky affair and it is uncommon in India too. India, a big country with rich culture and traditions doesn’t have a traditional tipping culture but it is witnessing a little change of trends with the tourist influx particularly in the popular tourism circuits. In the present scenario, tipping is looked upon as courtesy in India especially for a certain kind of services and situations like restaurant, hotels, spas, tour guide, and taxi driver etc.

Even if you are under no commitment it’s always good to leave a small gratuity. Doing so, many times help you get better service in future. But you also need to make sure that you have tipped in subtle manner.

We at Travel East have planned many India tour packages for people travelling to India. We get many questions about India, its customs, diversity, street food etc. Many of the tourists ask about tipping in India at different destinations. If you too need assistance with planning your trip, we are happy to assist you with simple advice and our own experience.

Tipping at Restaurant

India is a land with diverse culture, destinations and food.  Being a tourist on your India trip, you are free to choose your desirable street food stalls, small restaurants or big restaurants to have high-end experiences. To have street food, you need not require tipping.  But on having food in restaurants, you are free to give small tips. Since restaurants often charge a service charge or service tax, no tip can be expected from you.

Tipping at Hotels

Hotels include a lot of staff who never encounter with the guest. And in general, such service arena is recommended for leaving a tip for their staff. If you truly prefer to give tip at hotels, you’re recommended to leave a tip directly to the hotel staff. But usually, reception tip box is considered a good place to leave a tip. This indicates a tip for everyone. Homestays and B&B often bill you for meals and extra services and this is the time you can tip them. But ensure the tip you are offering is for the staff engaged in cooking, cleaning etc.

Tipping to Guides and Car Hires

Taxi drivers rarely expect a tip. If you have negotiated a rate with a taxi driver during your airport pick up and drop, then you need not to tip. Most of the rickshaw person expects you to tell them to keep the change but it’s up to you if you want or not let them keep the change. If you have a rented car during your India tour, tipping completely depend on how happy you are with the service. You can tip between INR 200 – 400.

When it comes to tipping guides, it completely depends on how satisfied with the tour. If you have taken a personalized tour, the price you can pay to your tour guide range between INR 300 to INR 500. If it is a group tour, it’s the best idea to pay INR 50 – INR 100 per person.

The tip amount completely depends on what you feel about the service offered and satisfaction you received with it. So whenever you are in any sort of confusion about tipping in the specific situation, it’s a wise decision, to be frank and straightforward with the service providers.

Top 10 Things to Do in India

  •  16 Apr 2018      

Everywhere you go in India, there is something to do or to see that you most likely have never done or seen before. With a rich culture and storied history, the country captivates people from all across the world. North India tour packages will offer you exciting mix of diversity and an astonishing variety of unique cultural and geographical characteristics and more to fascinate both domestics and foreign tourists to flock to this country every year.


India is a home to a wide variety of wildlife including Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions, snow leopards, clouded leopards and Indian leopards and more – the chances of spotting them are truly high. Some of the renowned national parks for spotting tigers are Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore, Kanha, Pench, Satpura and Corbett national parks and sanctuaries. Making a trip to Sunderbans will enable you see a good population of tigers. Snow leopard and clouded leopards can be found near Himalayan regions. Make your trip to Gir National Park to see Asiatic lions.


Within the last few years, India has given more importance to pilgrimage tourism, temples play a crucial role in it. With the multitude of religions and deities, there is no surprise that India is a land of temples. Many of temples and caves of India have been the canvas for ideas, architecture, sculpture and arts. Erotic carvings of the Ajanta Allora and the Khajuraho temple in Madhya Pradesh are fine examples in this regard.


People with a great love for adventure will find India a thrilling place to hop. For years, trekking, paragliding, skiing have been popular choices for adventure seekers. Manali, the regions of Garhwal and Kumaon, Gulmarg and Himalayas are perfect places that offer great opportunities. These places are surrounded with natural beauty and with extremely popular trekking trails allow you indulge in different adventure activities.

Earthly Paradise

Goa is widely renowned for the palm-fringed shore or beaches. Many of these are overlooked by 17th and 18th-century Citadels. The Andaman Nicobar Islands are a perfect alternative to India. With many of small islands, you can make many things out there. These places are ideal for birdwatching, beach lazing and many different water activities including snorkel, rafting, boating and more.

Rail Route

With strong rail system, India offer golden opportunities to the tourists to explore India using different rails and routes. Each rail journey is as varied as the country itself. Some of the popular trains include Toy Train, Palace on Wheels, the Deccan Odyssey, Maharajas’ Express, Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels and more. Travel East will help you choose the type of train and class according to your budget and experience thrilling journey the utmost.

Spiritual Places

India is a land with many strong spiritual places to get inner peace. Varanasi, the soul-piece providing destination in India allows you to dip your toes into the holy waters and leave all your sins into it. On your India tour, you can also be a part of Kumbh Mela which is renowned for spiritual cleansing. Rishikesh is another place packed with temples, colorful characters and ashrams.

Desert of Rajasthan

Camel safari into the Rajasthan desert may offer you a wonderful experience. Camel safari across the Thar Desert to Jaisalmer will allow you glimpse hidden treasure of Rajasthan. Avail north India tour package and plan your trip to Rajasthan and ensure indulging into the Pushkar camel fair, an annual event where traders from the region get together, showing colorful, camel-trading and more.

Monuments of India

Old monuments are prime attractions of India. Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Lotus Temple, Mysore Palace, Sanchi Stupa, Qutub Minar, Victoria Memorial, Gateway of India and more widely appeals tourists of all interest. These iconic splendor is an example of golden past and each of these own a story of its own and relatively popular and significant from the others.

Houseboat in Kerala

Houseboat of Kerala is a dream destination of millions of tourists across the globe. Backwaters in Kerala form an inherent part of life in Kerala. They are specifically designed for the comfortable cruise and overnight stay. Also, these invite you to relish in a fabulous way to explore the mesmerizing beauties of backwaters. Also, take time to look around Kerala’s colorful city.

Hill Stations

The tranquil hill station of Assam, Darjeeling, Mussoorie, Shimla, Manali, Gulmarg, Gangtok, and Kodaikanal are perfect to make your trip and experience everything. These hill stations are popular vacation spots and also provide travelers scenic views and a chance to escape the summer heart of the plains.

By adding these top the places to your India trip, Travel East can help you to make your trip truly enjoyable and worth visiting too.

5 Most Romantic Hotels in India

  •  06 Apr 2018      

Looking for a romantic gateway? India is an exotic honeymoon destination with most romantic hotels to make your trip truly memorable one. Gone the days of heart-shaped bathtubs and beds, the scenario has changed today, romantic hotels are more about style, comfort and elegance. India tour packages not merely offer a gateway but as well offer fun and romance to the newlyweds. If you are looking for a passionate gateway the list of 5 romantic hotels in India will allow you relish and compose great memories on your honeymoon trip in India.

India with tranquil mountain hideaways, fairytale desert settings, relaxing beaches, and exhilarating jungles always leave a lasting impression. With Travel East, you’ll also find hotels just WOW as the place they’re located in.

Taj Falaknuma, Hyderabad

Want to experience Nizami grandeur? Make your stay at Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. The hotel exemplifies 19th –century splendor with the most spectacular city view. Making your stay in this hotel will enable you immerse in unforgettable profound royal experience.

Perched atop a hill with the city of Hyderabad, Taj Falaknuma Palace is a place for true old-world romantics. Making your stay here will also allow you travel in a horse carriage with your loved ones. This hotel is smartly modified with rare furniture, grand marble staircase, invaluable statues, beautifully restored rooms and plenty of antique objects. With the colonial structure, the hotel is ideal for cocktails and a romantic candlelight dinner. Make your stay at this hotel to feel you’re living in your own fairytale and at the same time offer bespoke staying & dinner experiences.

Park Hyatt Resort and Spa, Goa

Winner of several awards, the Park Hyatt Resort and Spa is one of the country’s best luxury hotels. Located in Goa, this hotel is spread over 45 acres of landscaped gardens with spark waterways and lagoons. The small chalets are specifically conceptualized in indo-Portuguese style and each room with pool, lagoon, garden or sea view. Guests have varied options to explore quality food & wine, a special culinary and beverage series which specifically bought to you by Park Hyatt chefs.

Opt for the Park Sea View Suite, with a separate living space and a private lap pool to best meet your preferences. Spend your weekend here and indulge in luxury with your partner.

Oberoi Udaivilas – Udaipur

If you are looking for a romantic place and hotel in India, Udaipur can be a right choice. The Oberoi Udaivilas offers unmatched luxury in the land of the royals – Rajasthan. The construction of this hotel is similarly like a palace and you can relish your stay in a complete imperial style.

Located on the banks of Lake Pichola, the Oberoi Udaivilas is irreplaceable amongst luxury hotels in Udaipur. This hotel offers stunning views across the hotel’s verdant gardens and radiant Lake Pichola. The interconnecting domes and corridors replicate the layout of Udaipur. These areas of the hotels are overflown with sunlight, touched by balmy breezes and offer brilliant views of the lake and gardens. The Oberoi Spa in Udaipur also offers wide ranges of fine international and Indian cuisines prepared by renowned chefs. The hotel also offers spa treatment to its guests to relax, refresh and rejuvenate during their time with the hotel. Make your stay with Oberoi Hotels & Resorts in Udaipur for a memorable experience.

The Khyber Himalayan Resorts & Spa, Gulmarg

Many of the movies in the past got shooted in Gulmarg. The world-class resort stands still to welcome visitors and at the same time captures the beauty of its pristine setting. Heavenly built, this resort is smartly designed to indulge you in every way with fine cuisine, plush interiors and restorative dealings at this hotel.

Amidst the majestic Himalayan range of Kashmir, this Gulmarg spotted hotel is smartly designed for all those who are looking for romance in the open air. Glimpsing the pristine pine trees has become easier with the availability of snow –capped mountains. With many of cozy nooks, it allow you to share your trekking takes & skiing stores and make this hotel paradise in every seasons of the year.

Mountain Club Resort – Munnar (Kerala)

Tranquil Kerala is renowned for many things including Kerala backwaters, watercolor paintings, spa treatment and more. With many of luxurious places and hotels, Munnar is a beautiful place located in Kerala – God’s Own Country. The Mountain Club Resort offers 5-star facilities and amazingly situated close to Munnar. Basically, this place is renowned for its Ayurveda Centre which offers Ayurvedic treatment to the guests.

Amazingly built, Mountain Club resort offers excellent facilities including different cuisine restaurant, coffee shop, mesmerizing pool and a health club. Contact Travel East to make your stay in this resort and experience Kerala not merely as a tourist but as a participant plunged in the local culture.

Explore the chaos and colors of incredible India making your stay in popular romantic hotels in India.