What are the departure dates for the sample itineraries on your website?

There are no set departure dates for these trips because every tour is private, which means that you can depart on whatever day you wish. Every single itinerary on our website can depart on any day of the year.

Are these group tours?

Travel East does not offer fixed group tours. When we say our trips are private, that is exactly what we mean: the only travelers on your trip are you and the companions with whom you choose to travel.

Your itinerary is completely flexible. You can pick and choose from a list of activities or sights each day. We can modify each day to suit your interests, your energy level and even the season! The only exception to this is when you are on safari in India where you might share your vehicle with other guests of the lodge.

Nevertheless, even in this case, we prefer to work with small lodges and camps with a personal service so we can accommodate your specific interests.

Can the sample itineraries on your website be modified?

Absolutely! Our sample itineraries are intended to serve as a “starting point” for the itinerary you ultimately end up travelling. These suggested itineraries are based on our own expertise, destination experience and guest favourites! You can choose a trip exactly as it appears on our website, or tailor it further to meet your schedule, interests, and budget with one of our expert Travel Consultants.

Is international airfare included in the cost of your website sample itineraries?

International airfare is not included because we have found that our guests often prefer to arrange their own flights using frequent-flyer miles or other means. However, if you would like us to arrange your international flights or make suggestions on the best routes and timings then we are happy to do so. Please note that all regional and local flights and any other transportation during your trip is always included in the cost.

What is included in the cost of your sample itineraries?

Our trips usually include all services from the moment your plane arrives at your destination, where a representative will be awaiting your arrival. All accommodation, transfers, regional and local flights as well as activities are arranged and included. Unless otherwise specified, our destinations are on a breakfast-only basis.

Why are all meals not included in the trip?

We understand that local cuisine is an important aspect of your trip and everybody has different tastes! We have also found that many of our guests enjoy the spontaneity of discovering restaurants on their own. As a result, we intentionally do not include all meals in the itinerary.

We will usually include breakfast on all days and occasional lunches and dinners. On safari, all meals are typically included as you will be in remote areas without restaurant alternatives. Your final itinerary will indicate what meals are included in your tailor-made journey.

Will I have the same guide throughout my trip?

This depends on your itinerary. Most of the time we use knowledgeable local guides who are residents of the area they are showing you. They are experts and can be trusted to give you the best experience possible. They know where best to take you for sightseeing and the most stunning views, which restaurants to recommend, and at what time to visit a popular attraction to avoid the crowds.

Where we use local guides, you will usually have a new guide for each park, city or region. Though your guide may change, the quality of the guiding will be consistent, and you can count on the guides to always be friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.

Do you arrange my visas?

We are happy to support you in arranging the necessary visas for your travel, but it is usually necessary for guests to arrange them on their own. Please talk to your Travel Consultant about visa requirements and any related questions you may have.

Can an itinerary be designed that balances luxury and ‘off-the-beaten-track’ experiences?

Off-the-beaten-track means different things to different people, and there are a variety of ways to experience local culture. Whether you simply want to spend a day driving through the countryside or if you’re looking for something more rigorous — such as a remote trek or a homestay experience with a local family — we will do our best to accommodate your interests and desired level of comfort.

How does the planning process work?

You will work closely with one of our Travel Consultants to design the trip of your dreams. Our Travel Consultants are experts and have traveled extensively to stay up to date on our destinations, and they can offer plenty of advice and suggestions to make sure your trip is ideally suited to your interests and expectations.

Our team is passionate about travel and dedicated to making sure that your travel experience will inspire you. To give you the best possible trip, they need to be aware of what you want – it is best to be as clear and honest as possible, so that they have all the information they need to plan the right itinerary. As in any relationship, communication is key: please, don’t be afraid to ask questions and voice concerns or desires.