Unique Experiences by Travel East

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Indulge in hot air balloon ride in Jaipur and meet your childhood desire of flying over ancient forts and palaces of Rajasthan. Have tempting and memorable hot air balloon safari experience with Travel East.

Bishnoi Village Safari

Want to know the cultural life and activities of Bishnoi Villages and True Rajasthan in Jodhpur. Book your trip with Travel East to know these gentle communities of potters, weavers and leather embroiders.

Block Printing

Jaipur is the place to get a first-hand feel of Block Printing. Being one of the most famous traditional arts of Rajasthan, it widely appeal tourists visiting Jaipur to get a good view of block printing.

Bollywood Tour

If Mumbai has always been the land of dreams, opt Bollywood tour and get an opportunity to see and know the lifestyle of your favourite stars. Book your Bollywood tour and experience Mumbai with Travel East.

Chitwan Canoe Trip

Chitwan jungle safari canoe ride in traditional dugout is the best way to Chitwan and see animals in their natural habitat. Get great deals for Chitwan Canoe trp, Nepal, at Travel East.

Dinner on Sand Dunes

Relish the mouth-watering foods and majestic Rajasthani folk dance. Go for Sand Dune dinners in Rajasthan. Experience golden evenings and mesmerizing nights with us at Travel East. Allow us to pamper your senses.


Being one of the traditional golfing clubs in Delhi, the Delhi Golf Club (DGC) offers a relaxed atmosphere and stunning golf course conditions. Come and experience inviting and walkable golf tournaments.

Hand Picking Tea

Darjeeling tea is hand-picked early every morning by skilled and extremely hardy pluckers. We bring you only the best teas of unique flavours with a beautiful appearance in the cup and make your day special.

Heritage Walking Tour

With long history, Delhi is a wonderful place to explore historical places, heritage, and monuments through heritage walking tour. Walk with Travel East to discover true colour of Delhi and have local experiences.

Heritage Walk in Lodhi Garden

Looking for a heritage walk or collect some information about pre-Mughal era architecture? Surrounded with lush trees and plants, Lodhi Garden can be a place for your walk. Have this offbeat experience with Travel East.

High Tea at the Taj Khema

Set amidst 6 acres of land, the Gateway hotel welcome both leisure and business tourists to offer tranquil retreat. Travel East ensures you get pampered with high tea at Taj Khema, Agra.

Home Stays Across India

Indians consider a huge honour to have guests in their home. Home stays across India welcome tourists to experience staying in beautiful family homes. Have wonderful homestay accommodation in India with Travel East.

Indian Classical Dancing

With grand and elaborate culture the classical dances of Kerala are perfect combination of dance and drama. Indian classical dancing of Kerala allows you avail vibrant visual treat and a great entertainment with Travel East.

Indian Spices

Indian spices include a variety of spices grown across the Indian subcontinent. With exquisite aroma, texture and taste, Indian spices are often rendered by lavourit in India. Contact us to collect relevant information on Indian spices.

India on the Menu

When it comes to food and beverage, India is the best. Book your India tour with Travel East and check India on the Menu. Step to Delhi to enjoy mouth-watering flavours and traditions of India.

Heritage Walk

The blue city Jodhpur allows you to indulge in an evening heritage walk in Rajasthan and explore the alluring blue structures and old buildings. Make your trip to vibrant city Jodhpur to participate in heritage walks.

Dabbawala Tour

With the Mumbai Dabbawala tour, you get a chance to witness the most decorated and disciplined lunch tiffin carriers that are known for their accuracy and time. Avail such cultural tour to explore Mumbai with a Dabbawala.

Vintage Car Museums

Are you a car enthusiast? Get ready to discover the motorized delights of the vintage car museum in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Grab an opportunity to admire some of the finest automobiles from the 20th century.

Toy Train Across the Mountains
Darjeeling & Shimla

Toy train across the mountains, Darjeeling & Shimla passes through several tunnels and runs along rustic bridges to revive your holidays. Added with luxury and entertainment, the mountain railways of India offer unforgettable.