Travelling is one of the life’s biggest privileges for many of us. Adventure and experience of a lifetime are ripe for the picking on Indian destinations. However, there are simple and practical ways you can make a difference during your travels. With a belief in giving back, we will organize your travel itineraries in a way that you not merely relish prime attractions of incredible India but as well engage socially and environmentally. Undoubtedly, we are honest in our efforts.

It is easy to go somewhere and be a tourist, but travel is all about broadening our perspective and learning about cultures other than our own. If you would like to give something back whilst on your tour of India then we can arrange visits to various NGO’s that we have identified who are doing wonderful work in different parts of the country and for amazing causes.

The main idea behind the ‘Giving Back’ initiative of our company is to incorporate meaningful and real experiences for our guest and at the same time from getting to know about the cultural and historical aspects of India through our tours, they can get an opportunity to experience the real India. Through our authentic tours, we also proffer an opportunity to our guests to meet the locals and few people who are truly making a difference in the society, through their work.  

Have a glimpse over organizations, NGO or charities in India, we are currently supporting and providing a small help to them rather than great initiatives.

Education for a trip

Every time you book one of our holidays, we sponsor education for disadvantaged child in India.

Supporting local communities

At Travel East we believe in working and supporting local communities to create a socially viable tourism