Tipping in India

Tipping or Baksheesh is any part of the world can be a tricky affair and it is uncommon in India too. India, a big country with rich culture and traditions doesn’t have a traditional tipping culture but it is witnessing a little change of trends with the tourist influx particularly in the popular tourism circuits. In the present scenario, tipping is looked upon as courtesy in India especially for a certain kind of services and situations like restaurant, hotels, spas, tour guide, and taxi driver etc.

Even if you are under no commitment it’s always good to leave a small gratuity. Doing so, many times help you get better service in future. But you also need to make sure that you have tipped in subtle manner.

We at Travel East have planned many India tour packages for people travelling to India. We get many questions about India, its customs, diversity, street food etc. Many of the tourists ask about tipping in India at different destinations. If you too need assistance with planning your trip, we are happy to assist you with simple advice and our own experience.

Tipping at Restaurant

India is a land with diverse culture, destinations and food.  Being a tourist on your India trip, you are free to choose your desirable street food stalls, small restaurants or big restaurants to have high-end experiences. To have street food, you need not require tipping.  But on having food in restaurants, you are free to give small tips. Since restaurants often charge a service charge or service tax, no tip can be expected from you.

Tipping at Hotels

Hotels include a lot of staff who never encounter with the guest. And in general, such service arena is recommended for leaving a tip for their staff. If you truly prefer to give tip at hotels, you’re recommended to leave a tip directly to the hotel staff. But usually, reception tip box is considered a good place to leave a tip. This indicates a tip for everyone. Homestays and B&B often bill you for meals and extra services and this is the time you can tip them. But ensure the tip you are offering is for the staff engaged in cooking, cleaning etc.

Tipping to Guides and Car Hires

Taxi drivers rarely expect a tip. If you have negotiated a rate with a taxi driver during your airport pick up and drop, then you need not to tip. Most of the rickshaw person expects you to tell them to keep the change but it’s up to you if you want or not let them keep the change. If you have a rented car during your India tour, tipping completely depend on how happy you are with the service. You can tip between INR 200 – 400.

When it comes to tipping guides, it completely depends on how satisfied with the tour. If you have taken a personalized tour, the price you can pay to your tour guide range between INR 300 to INR 500. If it is a group tour, it’s the best idea to pay INR 50 – INR 100 per person.

The tip amount completely depends on what you feel about the service offered and satisfaction you received with it. So whenever you are in any sort of confusion about tipping in the specific situation, it’s a wise decision, to be frank and straightforward with the service providers.