Top 6 Beaches in Kerala

Kerala offers something to every tourist it attracts from across the world. From lush greenery, aromatic air, to best of beaches to relax and unwind, Kerala is a one stop in all sense. Travel East jots down the best of beaches which shall be on the must-visit list if going to Kerala.

Kovalam Beach

This beach is the most popular and developed beach of Kerala. Located near Trivandrum, this beach is meant for all the action seekers who love to do surfing. It is made of two main coves- Hawa (also called Eve’s beach) and Lighthouse. Lighthouse is the biggest and busiest of the two and has many open-air restaurants.  Nearby this beach is a little secluded Samudra beach as well.

Varkala Beach

This beach is meant for all those who wish to chill out. The beach stands out in terms of its scenery, ambiance, and facilities. The beach lies at the bottom of a long stretch of the cliff which is bordered by shacks and shops for shopping and eating. There are various accommodation available right on the cliff overlooking the ocean and also farther away. The beach is a must visit for honeymooners.

Marari Beach

The beach is one of the most serene of all the beaches of Kerala. Located near Alleppey, this beach is great for those who wish to enjoy the beach in between going on a houseboat trip along the famous backwaters. The star attraction here is the earth-conscious Marari Beach Resort which is set on a sprawling property with lotus ponds and coconut groves. Enjoy yoga classes and Ayurveda treatments on the beach.

Kannur Beach

Kannur, a small town in northern Kerala is famous for its secluded beaches, mysterious masked spirit possession theyyam rituals, and handloom weaving. One can enjoy and relax on the laid back and inexpensive beach houses in the Thottada beach area. One can also drive along the extensive stretch of sand at the Muzhappilangad Drive-In beach.

Bekal Beach

If you seek luxury intertwined in history, then Bekal beach in far north Kerala is for you. Famous for its old fort, this is the largest beach in Kerala. One can find many luxury hotels like Taj Vivanta, Lalit Resort, and Spa Bekal among many others. These hotels have made the beach a sought after the pampered getaway. The hotels here are a little on the pricey side.

Cherai Beach

This beach is a little isolated and best enjoyed on a boat. Located on the Vypeen Island, the beach is reached from Kochi by a ferry followed by a bus or auto rickshaw ride through the villages and paddy fields. The 10 km long Cherai beach is a must visit as an alluring side trip from Kochi. A large portion of the beach has recently been beautified with an addition of a new walkway. The proximity of the beach and the lagoon so close makes for an interesting sight. Les 3 Elephants is a great peaceful backwaters eco resort to stay at near the beach.

The best time to visit the Kerala beaches is between December to March. However, you can avail great deals during the monsoon season. Check with Travel East offers best of Kerala tour package and plan your holiday now!